Past Event 2011

Who is my neighbor?

The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understands that each individual is unique, and recognizing that individual differences exist all the time. These can be along the dimensions of race, gender, socia-ecomonic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, etc. Diversity exists in NJ at the micro-level in our neighborhoods and classrooms.

Who is my neighbor? What are the rules of engagement these days, when neighbors hardly know each other? We need to remind people how to be good neighbors, how to build friends, how to share, and thus how to be good citizens. Neighbors should be proactive, should meet and talk to each other, discover similarities and differences of each other, and appreciate each other.

Brainstorming worksheet:

When planning your submission(s), it is important to think about the theme, ” Who is my neighbor?” in many different ways. In other words, try to think about the following…

Who are my neighbors or classmates? Do I real know them?

Do I know their “Stories” – their journeys in life? Do I understand where they used to live and what they want to do next?

Do I know what they like to listen to, eat, when/what their cultural/religious holidays are, etc?

What cultures do I see in my neigborhood?

What parts of other cultures do I understand? What do I not understand?

From what country do they originate?

To what culture or belief system might they subscribe?

Why do I like/ respect my neighbor/classmate if they are not like me?

In appreciating and promoting neighborliness, what impact will I make/have in my home, school, and/or community?

How would the world be different if everyone respected their neigbor?

Why do I like everybady to understand, accept and respect their neigbor?

What these some things make me happy? Are the some tings hard for me to deal with?

Why does it matter whether or not I try to understand my neigbors?

The theme of “Who is my neighbor?” means much more than thinking that one knows what people around us go through every day. When composing your work, feel free to be creative. Just remember that whatever type of submission you choose, you want to create a work that makes the reader think and realize the theme and why it is important to consider in today’s global context.