“Can Our Children Enjoy The Same Resources and Beauty That We Have Had for Generations?”

Contest Theme

When planning your submission(s), it is important to think about the theme, SAVE THE EARTH’S NATURAL RESOURCES: “Can Our Children Enjoy The Same Resources and Beauty That We Have Had for Generations?”
In other words, try to think about the following:

The Earth has a lot of beautiful places that has to stay same for new generations.
Why does global warming matter?
Can we stop climate change? How are we affected by the greenhouse effect?
Could technology ruin nature? What can be done about it?
How should we plan our lives to keep all of the Earth’s natural resources safe?
What are the consequences of waste (resources, food, energy, etc.)?
How could I help increase awareness of environmental protection?
How could I interact with someone who is not very sensitive about environmental protection?
What do individuals do to prevent natural resources?
What role can parents and school officials play to prevent wasting natural resources?
What more could the state of New Jersey and law makers do to inform people about saving the Earth’s Natural Resources?

The theme means much more than what comes to mind at first. When composing your work, feel free to be creative. Just remember you want to create a work that makes the reader/audience contemplate the theme and consider its importance in today’s global context.

Here are some topics that may give ideas (not necessarily a comprehensive list):
Social media bridges gaps, fostering global understanding and collaboration.
Sharing stories promotes compassion, inspiring collective efforts towards peace.
Open conversations on social platforms facilitate conflict resolution and tolerance.
Social media amplifies marginalized voices, shedding light on critical peacebuilding issues.
Online platforms enable grassroots movements to drive positive change.
Social media fosters diverse perspectives, nurturing a more harmonious society.

Art Category

High School
1st Place | Jasmine Kang | Bergen County Academies
2nd Place | Anjali Singh | South Brunswick High School
3rd Place | Kimberly Madera | North Bergen High School
Honorable Mentions
Jeremy Maya | North Bergen High School
Christian Grant | North Bergen High School
Zuleha Baruti | North Bergen High School
Helena Merker | North Bergen High School
Emily Strzebonski | Boonton High School
Middle School
1st Place | Grace Tan | William Annin Middle School
2nd Place | Arthur Demilio | Memorial Middle School
3rd Place | Angie Maldonado | J.F. Kennedy Middle School
Honorable Mentions
Sekemi Dickson | New Horizons Community CS
Andrea Huap | Central Jersey College Prep CS
Dylan Schulze | White Township Middle School
Scarlett Scilla | Memorial Middle School
Neshliann Gonzalez Rodrigez | McKinley Middle School

Essay Category

High School

1st Place | Aqsa Tanveer | A Tale of Lost Turtles | Boonton Highschool | View

2nd Place | Brandon Martin | A Tale of Industrial Haunting | Central Jersey College Prep CS | View

3rd Place | Ismael Ituarte | Reboot | STEM Innovation Academy of the Oranges | View


Honorable Mentions


Ibrahim Sacko |  Camera Clicks | STEM Innovation Academy of the Oranges | View

Daniel Boyko | The Vanished Reef: A Grandson’s Awakening | Millburn High School | View

Sophia Estape | Shallow Tears | STEM Innovation Academy of the Oranges | View

Asianna Kennedy |  A New Beginning| STEM Innovation Academy of the Oranges | View

Julia Aronovich | The Sound of Silence | Millburn High School | View

Middle School

1st Place | Nidhi Rajput | Plastic Predicament: Humanity’s Wake-up Call to Pollution  | Avenel Middle School | View

2nd Place | Stephanie Sandoval | THE PASSAIC WATER THAT FLOWS IN OUR VEINS   | Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy | View

3rd Place | Arielle Hamilton | Chronicle from Tomorrow | Cleveland Street School | View


Honorable Mentions


Isabella Polyn | Global Warming Kills: The Effect on Earth and How to Prevent Further Damage  | Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy | View

Bridget Heim | Save Mother Earth  | St. Peter School | View 

Paige Napolitano | Repercussions of Neglect: Understanding the Impact of Waste on Our Planet | Ridge and Valley Charter School | View

Meredith Donahue | What’s Happening to the Earth & What Can Be Done to Help  | Memorial Middle School | View

Prisha Sharma | Noise Pollution | Central Jersey College Prep Charter School | View

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